Friday, January 08, 2010

Hidden Obstacles........

Hidden obstacles appear out of no where!!! it's like bombs in the's like damn!! where did they come from?

In NYC the plot thickens..but we get with them...rocking those and them..when O-Dog comes with the drum.

Who acted like they're drunk off of power? like Michael Steele...or maybe drunk off of Bacardi rum ...then staggered out into traffic.

In Atlanta out on I-285...streets slick from the'll be hard to stay alive..the outcome is tragic.

Meanwhile were Transmitting Live..real, not slick with it...getting suspended..riding dirty in Knoxville? it magic? supernatural? or just a random act.

Check the survival mode..following the street code..Random Thoughts expressed...others not knowing how to act.

Didn't act like they knew!! fronting on a brotha playing we didn't recognize the's easy to get caught up in a cycle.

Didn't act like they knew!!! didn't recognize what passion and love might do.

Didn't act like they knew!!! what the fight will do!! freedom has a cost.

The infrastructure is falling apart!!! we're all up in the heart of it..blending with the smoke and some are lost.

What's up with ya? fronted, flossed, soon getting fired like Jim Mora..or facing the threat of being fired like Wade Phillips..didn't have security clearance.

Hidden obstacles..was the defense ready? trick plays were ran..decoys ran interference.

Rags are off the clearance rack at Macys and Penneys when cameo appearances are made.

Exercising the knack for survival..but you know how it is...institutions delay the situations that are shady like grady? it's easy to get played.

The charade is ongoing!! obstacles are hidden and blatant.

Promises made were empty..all up in the spot...but the premises are vacant.

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