Sunday, January 31, 2010

Train Of Thought ...Intergalactic Version..

Train Of Thought is rolling!! moving down the information highway ...similar to I-75 / 1-65 / 1-95...moves are made...Transmitting Live..but staying on point..didn't shuck and jive..checking entrance and exit signs.'ll get taken out like The Taliban chief!!! ..who will confirm or deny? getting off and on ramps...meanwhile in the lab I'm adjusting amps or writing these lines.

I'm going off and on in different camps..grabbing opportunities and running with them.

Haters were going off!!! acting different!!! others closing doors and windows; what's up with them?

Others acting belligerent; trying to circumvent; so what's up with them?

Ecological ignorance altered the fate; where are they? So what's up with them?

The difference was shown; The Train Of Thought kept rolling; a high velocity.. moving towards the light.

No funny business like Poltergiest! down here in Atlanta little homie said he might have to pull a heist; so he can get his money right!!!

Like Kanye West was talking about Oh Oh Oh; but it's like oh no on another level...banks were Shady Like Grady..even tried to play me!! so I keep moving.

East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Down South; can I keep grooving?

The feast? The host fed meals that lack nutrition, plus we recieved erroneus information.

Spotted the least expected one; snitching to authorities; the Feds were fed felonious information.

Meanwhile O-Dog dropped Thelonius Monk type funk on the nation; dropping the Sonic Assault.

O-Zone was on it!! some said a brotha was tripping!!! rolling on the train of thought.


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