Monday, February 01, 2010

Preparations Are Made...

Preparations are made for the voyage.what's up with us?...ignored the NASA and the space shuttle.

Imperfections were accented; some try to discourage..I'll get scientific with them..while they're all up in your face in the huddle.

Scientific even if we're stuck like the Mars Rover...hard for some to get over..they didn't want to block for you; you'll get sacked..whose really running Florida?

From the Kings of Dade to The Kings of Duval, to the Kings of Leon: who'll open the door for ya?

All up in the game!!! they'll try to run up the score on ya!! Gainesville going off!! soon feeling the Tallahassee Pain.

All up in the game!! no shelter from the storm..they even harass me in the rain.

Not the last one to get on the train of thought; rode it to the end of time

From the Five Points Marta station to the Hamilton E Holmes station ..West side Atlanta...riding it until the end of the line..

Or I'm in the hooptie on I-20....heard "in a minute we'll be right on time" by the Brothers Johnson.

Flavor Flav stopped pimping? put the clock back on? I'm peeping game..I see how brothas are responding.

Transporting, transponding..even trainspotting; was the the pain rotting away at another's spirit?

Transcend and Transform? Jansporting..breakbeat science's full of this good word..english teachers wanna give me a demerit.

..or maybe even I act like I knew..and I didn't front.

They should act like they knew thinking a brotha didn't play his I didn't gather and didn't hunt...

..preparations are made...

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