Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Humpday Special Edition

Back in the house once again!!! it seems Mass Konfusion is the norm.

Once again it's on is the catch phrase!!! Toyota chief apologizing....tension rising..almost losing it during the storm.

Choosing it..the the dorm..I'm in deep concentration.

Is the mission impossible? check the upcoming bi-partisan summit ..are we able to meet our obligation?

Meanwhile...repossessions and foreclosures tell the story..they answer the question.

Repercussions of the karmic variety...looking for closure..curse or a blessing?

Percussions are the were blessing you with these discussions.

Concentration camps all up in this territory!! tasers shot..billy clubs swing..pistol whipped.. headaches due to the concussions.

Concentration camps like Nazi Germany; Russians; military bum rushing..extraordinary renditions in Poland or Pakistan.

From Atlanta Georgia to Georgia in Eastern Europe..any hope? so what's up man?

From the hoods of Louisville to Oakland..from Chi-Town to NYC..drama like Afghanistan.

It's real like that!!! hoods are like concentration camps...some might understand.

In previous episodes? a brotha lamps under Louisville street lights ...brothas dropped science I concentrate on messages.

Spread by street messengers..street code followed..insights O-Dog's songs have messages.

O-Zone aka the Hot Messenger puts stamps on messages like the Postal Service.

But in concentration camps? opposition is met similar to the homies in Cali that went postal at the church service.

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