Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Blender

We're in a grinder; a blender; what will be the by product?

Good Word was in a binder; had a whole sack full; admitting that some papers were folded, mutilated; they'll break the machine!! check my conduct.

Finders keepers? Iran enriching uranium? losers weepers? conduct yourself in an orderly fashion!

Finding us with sleepers? Oh No!!! I went on with my bad self!! in an orderly fashion.

Out of order with the fashion! non descript jeans..button down shirt and K-Swiss shoes.

Wasn't big pimping; a player from the Himalayas? the system misuses.

No cruises like Smokey Robinson; thrown under the bus; it can be a school bus...short one..long one..or even public transportation.

Adjusting the way I do business; win or lose? some will give up; what's my public transformation?

Hoopties transformation into a Bentley? I dont know about that!!

Referees flow flags; illegal formation!!! calling a penalty for that.

What's up with that? any peace in the Middle East? stay one step ahead of Mossad..taking drama to another facade...this life is a mess.

All up in a blender; the message? we return to sender..didn't use Fed Ex or UPS.

Not letting fools stress me; they'll put you in a blender!!! but I stay connected to the higher power.

Diplomatic immunity is exercised; shielded on the frontlines of spiritual warfare; fighting on down to the last hour.

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