Monday, February 15, 2010

Whose Trying To Keep Up?

They couldn't keep up with things; some won't seek re-election like Sen. Evan Bayh..joining others..why? next thing you know? they'll wanna blame Obama for it!!

Back in the day? told to keep up with things!!! might have to get your game on for it!!

They had a name for it! some call it's called hustling on the street..word from the Greek Drama on Wall Street? some told you; it's about getting your game on!!

Told to step things up!! turn on your swagga!! all the way up!! no geek drama!! no need to put shame on!!

Spotted old dude at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..holding court!! conducting classes!! said he would put the lame on.

The attitude? soon authorities in Fulton County were holding court; indictments they'll put your name on!!

Spotted dude on Boulevard in Atlanta..putting the flame on the pipe...soon out there...altitude, latitude, and longitude coincides with GPS? meanwhile I'm like Jason Bourne..I tried to stay off the grid.

Whose getting lewd, rude with the behavior? reached the glass ceiling..flipped their lid?

Tires skid in the hooptie; The Old Cutlass Supreme!! I had to getaway like Earth Wind & laying in the cut..I even took a loss.

No justice no peace!! did I ever have it? due to bad credit? hey baby!!! what was the credit score? I couldn't pay the cost.

What's the score form the all star game? D-Wade showed out!! so what's up with us? others front and floss..all I could do was salute.

Didn't try to keep up with others...didn't try to collaborate with the's like Comedy me it's funny..a real hoot.

Sometimes I participate in the madness; others times I'm not trying to play.

Survival is the key; otherwise? letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Arrival delayed; what was the atmosphere on this Turf? ...I see the wise and otherwise trying to keep up.

My train of thought is rolling!! a step ahead of those trying to creep up.

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