Sunday, February 14, 2010

Damn!! Here We Go Again..Prolific With It..

.....once again? it's on!!!! liberation........

Prolific with this; Progressive Liberation...getting free and staying this point in my life? I had better be!!

Playing my position; doing what I do; meeting resistance like NATO from the Taliban...what's up man? not worried about those saying they're better than me.

Praying!!! That's The Way I Make It!! living this life? we better be!!! it's easy to go under.

Playing the field like Willie Mays...San Francisco Giant..defiant..seeing evil forces combine; they're recruiting; whose flag are you under?

Playing the field...Blood, Crip or, blue or black scarf under the Chi-Town, NY or LA fitted..committed..KKK still fronting with robes and pointed hats..first responders in Haz-Mat Suits...or business suits like Wall Street or Washington...

Playing the field...some give blow by blow calling a championship fight or an NBA game; what are they on?

Playing the field..playing it like a playa from the Himalayas..thawing out?...reality is giving courses..saw old dude from back in the day staggering down Bankhead Highway..38 in his pocket..under the lights.

Ran over by the Chevy Impala!!! Al Roker said the weather would get fouler!! at the baptist church the preacher read old dude his last rites.

Ashes to ashes..dust to dust; even the steel building will rust.

A brotha clashes with Titans; on the dollar bill? I see in God we trust.

Who else can you trust? The Mothership crashs and burns; the mechanic said he tightens screws ...but I didn't trust him.

Now what's the deal?...Toyota recall vehicles.. what it do? now Honda has joined them..

Now what's the deal? a brotha gets funky; smashs beats in the lab like they were atoms; they're broken...that's what's up with him.

The trunk will be rattling!!! things heat up; O-Zone answers questions that didn't answer themselves' that's what's up with him.

The funk will be scattering foes left and right!!! as we put this Sonic Assault on them.

Thoughts once scattering now more delays like Amtrak..the train of thought is rolling!!

Drama is can be anywhere..what it do?..act like you knew....ear shattering gunshots exploding on the frontlines.

Hopes and dreams shattering; structure corroding; as some front on mine.

But I continue going for mine!!! Ecological Ignorance didn't alter the fate... prolific with it.

Breakbeat Science is on the menu; asking, can we groove can we kick it?


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