Monday, February 22, 2010

The Duct Tape...Or Maybe Super Glue..

Where's the duct tape? maybe the super have to have a heart when things fall the health care plan...even spotted Obama looking for it.

Escape routes are peeped out; low key when I creeped out..might land at night like the Shuttle Endeavour..but some said they knew how I operate!! the method!! now authorities are looking for it.

Tapes played!! blasted out of the hooptie!! whose looking for it? admitted...I'm on I-20 down in Atlanta.

Capers played out in front of me!!! similar to the pirates in Somalia.

....Or things get fouler!!! what's that smell? it's a construction site!! the earth was disturbed.

Beep Beep Beep!! tractor trailers back up!! backhoes and bulldozers dig it all up!! empty subdivisions everywhere!! the appetite was not curbed.

Back in business!!! the Cut Dog was curbed!! what was observed? haters tried to blow it up like the IRS building..hero? man please!!..devil opposed us!!! but now Moving Forward.

Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta listening to the Sanford and Son theme song on WCLK 91.9...Quincy Jones was on it.

Peeping game down here in Atlanta Georgia? were on it!! in a police state? like the Eastern European Georgia.

Russians and The French talk I'm peeping game ..watching hackers; what did those slick Russians and Eastern Europeans have for ya?

Hitting up the Bank of America and Citi-Bank without pulling a weapon!! just clicking mouses.

Meanwhile we hit you up with this stank!! the funky sound causing disco infernos..burning down houses.

Revolutionary feeling one arouses when I see things fall apart around me...where's the super glue...where's the duct tape?

Evolutionary processes were all natural..check the steady bombardment..funky is how the sound will be...fighting back in a corrupt state..

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