Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letting Them Do What They Do...

Please!! I ignored them..I'm all about Progressive Liberation...let them go on about their business.

Sharp words exchanged with some..the devil deployed them to the frontlines to spread ignorance.

Toyed with them; now trying to front on mine like it was nothing.

Quiet was kept; peace be still!! that's when God is up to something.

Some slept; said it was so peaceful!!! they said they were bored.

Some will get swept up in the fast break!! like old school Lakers Magic Johnson & James Worthy!! points are scored.

A step up? old school fakers past the torch to the new school..Get Ready like the song from Rare Earth!!...what are they on? said we were unworthy!!

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate; what it do? now a shortage of rare earths....elements of the universe like Earth Wind & Fire..caused by an old or new fool? ..where are they?....who'll work me?

What's the environment? what it do? what's up with it? whose causing climate change? global warming? some said it was bogus.

Is it strange that we span the globe brainstorming? actually we span the universe..our approach to this!!

A veteran in the game now coaching this; breakbeat science is dropped.

Referees not throwing flags!!! defense encroaching on this..now the quarterback is dropped.

Fire like The Ohio Players? we stopped, dropped and rolled like the safety rules said.

Players from Himalayas fronted! flaunted! like it was safe...like the ice wasn't melting...now caught out there like a Taliban commander..who listened to what those fools said?

Shadetree mechanics were told it's not safe to use those tools!! now it's like Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Yellow ribbons around oaktrees and on the back of Toyota Camrys and SUVs...now recalled.. please!! it's on!!! until the break of dawn.

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