Saturday, January 30, 2010

Astro Turf..

Grass looked greener on the other side of the fence; what's the circumstance? domestic vs foreign? fooled by the astro turf?

Found out after the fence was jumped; now I have bad knees and turf toe..what's it all worth? back down to earth..back to life..back to reality like that song by Soul to Soul.

Whose jacking it...the swagga? this is the rebirth..they saw how we were trying to roll.

Whose jacking it? rolling like the danger zone...what's up? in Atlanta rolling 30 deep..what are they on?...the dagger is it by a O-Jays backstabber?

Whose cracking it; the case? like Kojak and them..rolling 50 deep out in other spots Suburbans roll up with blacked out windows..trying to grab ya.

Whose slacking with it? not working it all out! others tracking it..then geeks hacked out windows...will corporations take losses?

Whose jacking it? fighting like an old school championship fight.. heavyweights like Muhammed Ali and George Foreman..right hooks and left crosses.

Now I'm cruising down Muhammed Ali Boulevard in Louisville..thinking of a master plan like Eric B Rakim and will it work?

Grass wasn't greener on the other's astro turf..Intergalactic..knowing how the astros and cosmos work..

Through the galaxies we ride..winning and taking losses..but we're still rocking them.

Exposing falacies..golden rule?..somebody we go off with this...the hustles? they knocked them..

Old school Ku Klux Klan burning crosses. what's up with this?..these days we search for clones...dressed in suits and ties.

Old rule followed; even though are aircraft was fired on...insurgents hacked drones...we kept are eye on the prize.

Now an old fool is surprised! didn't let the so called green grass fool us.

Diplomatic immunity exercised; based on the pass God gave to us.

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