Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Were We Living?

staying on point in the midst of confusion

How was I living? stayed on point..but was told to embrace the mass confusion.

How was I living? I was told to hug the madness!! like we were at a family reunion!!!

How were we living? things are rough down in Haiti!!! what's the state of the union? asked the fellow traveler for their opinion.

Pennies for their thoughts...adding two cents..role reversal..they said the situation would be a brand new one.

But it coincided with my train of thoughts.. sometimes derailing..coping strategies failing..but God will bless us double for the trouble.. it's all restored.

Reset buttons hit after the pain....what did we gain?..some realize they're in the wrong spot... but we bring Sonic Assaults..points are scored.

Punishment gluttons front..some who the system anoint..soon they'll say they're bored.

Hollywood types stunt..role playing..points scored by the chairman of the board.

How are we living? whose hood with it? the hunt is over..what's up with the paper chase? the cord and plug is pulled.

How are we living? whose good with it? saying they were on the case!! but of course the superthug wasn't fooled.

How are we living? whose good with it? yellow cake was baked then cooled by next level crooks.

Good with it? some fronted and faked their way to the level crooks?

Haters are confronted with next level bars and hooks..but it's basic street funk.

It's the Sonic Assault..similar to dude with the hash on the street in the the Georgia Dome...said he had a fat hunk.

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