Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Holding Pattern...

What it do? Seems like were over Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta...or in Bakersfield California...in a holding pattern.

Acting like we knew...bringing Intergalactic funk!! straight from Mars and Saturn.

Able to recognize the pattern..so like old school baptist preachers told us to do..we govern ourselves accordingly.

Haters try to front on us...left the hood..love abandoned us like Rose Royce..like some left Yemen...now telling us where the boundary will be.

Told us to act in an orderly fashion and stop tripping...but were already out there.

Not big pimping!! rocking the thrift store fashion..actually the uniform for spiritual warfare.

As we go there!!! New Year...2010...trying to follow the Masters Plan.

Thinking of a master plan like Eric B and Rakim!! then sync it up with God's will.

Also rolling down I-20 here in Atlanta...up in the hooptie listening to EPMD..."you gots to chill."

Told my people they gots to know the deal!!! listening to WCLK playing Quincy Jones...Just Like That then next up was The BlackByrds Walking In Rhythm..recognize the real..

I heard what the so called powers that be said!!! all they kicked were lies.

I heard the clock ticking..the last hour is approaching..my folk will get victimized..

Trying to shoot three pointers..but just bricking..others say it's not tricking if you got it..had some of my folk chasing the so called prize.

Not cute..they didn't anoint us...but it's alright..we already broke it down to size...

Others are Going in circles like the Gap Band sang..or even Billy Preston..the apparatus had them stressing.

Some didn't know to look up to God..for the true blessing.

Others play the truth game...confessing to authorities...it's detrimental to the family.

Intergalactic...but back on this planet, usually taken for granted, maybe somebody understands me.

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