Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Next ? Recognize...Recognize..

collisions with the ill train of thought

What's the business? Chaos and mayhem is!!! like Kabul...attacked by the Taliban..what's up man?...the system is overloaded.

So whatcha saying? just more Mass Konfusion..asking what's up? Random Thoughts are expressed..information overloaded?

Hoopties wouldn't start!! battery cables corroded!! car breaks down on the railroad tracks..I see the ill train of thought rolling!!!

Truth be told up in the heart of fables or fantasies? or even conspiracy theories? health care bill off the rails? ..some hoping that it fails..I can see how they're rolling!!

Whose part of it? the conspiracy..trying to say it's not nothing.. but playing a role..knowing or what's up with this?

Security heightens..I have my binoculars peeping game..rolling on the train of thought..flowing down the stream of consciousness.

The brotha enlightens; it's like when I took a walk last week in the Capricorn Sun Rays.

Sun moved: it's in Aquarius now, along with Jupiter and Venus; New Age? what, when, where, and how will one run plays?

One who is nefarious showers the atmosphere with negativety; part of the ongoing scrimmage.

Train of thought is rolling!! this son of God moves in mysterious ways; since I was made in his image.

Can we make moves? reminded of this; realized we had diplomatic immunity.

Can we make grooves? the brotha O-Dog dropped breakbeat science when we dipped back to the community.

But noticed some will try to act brand new with me; they're influenced by the apparatus.

But I wasn't mad at them!! everybody's going through something..but nothing compared to Haiti..a brotha checked the status.


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