Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damn Damn Damn Like Florida From Good Times PT.2

Damn! Damn! Damn! I had to tell myself...train of thought is still rolling....because this life is trip.

But O-Dog will jam; going on with his bad self!! he's not trying to trip.

Going in!! getting it in; alternative routes to help my folk in Haiti?..slipping through the cracks...dipped through the portal.

Opposition is met; internal; external; what's The Source Of Danger? I know how the sport will go.

They'll play you like Tiger Woods; taking back all the endorsements.

It's tight in these hoods; Democrats focused on the wrong thing? .. please ugly is how the sport gets.

The Budweiser quart gets drunk at the corner of Hancock and Caldwell up in Louisville.

Washing away the pain; but we drop funk; can we rock? what's the deal?

White chalk washing away in the rain, what's real? yellow crime scene tape at the curb.

Pitchers didn't balk; bringing the pain; throwing strikes; little homie kicked to the curb.

Shape shifters didn't stalk? please, preemptive strikes were made on a herb.

Tapes made; gifts are distributed, who benefited? like dreads made moves with the herb.

Tapes are made; plus this good word let's you know about the charade ...from jackers to government regulators.

Funk is played; told you about gamblers out for a fast buck and Wall Street speculators.

You'll get played!!!! disrespected by corporate types..just's all about a dollar.

Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times..or maybe like Marvin makes you wanna holla.

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