Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming And Going....

rolling on the train of thought

They've got us coming and going; Damn Damn Damn!!! like Florida from Good Times!! it's a love hate relationship.

They even ask me where I'm going? I'm at the Chevron on Beattie's Ford Road up in Charlotte...buying Powerball gassing up the spaceship.

What are they on? little homie had bootleg CD's and DVD's; but I know the race is hectic; even O-Zone was I wasn't knowing.

Please!! this brotha is on the case!! not suspended like Arenas and Crittenton..we get in where we fit in!! sliding like I'm electric..the style is eclectic..down the stream of consciousness I'm flowing.

Somebody said I'm tripping!!! like the Space Shuttle leaving on Feb. 7...but funk were flipping; out of the case; out of the crate; causing a cosmic explosion!! what it do? also composing on the loose leaf; using black or blue ink; going for what I'm knowing.

Out of the race!! moving at my own pace!! ignoring judges...that's whatsup with this Chief Rocker; that fact? seminars should be showing.

What's the case? I'm back in Atlanta..saw the Marta bus rolling!!! was it the 87 Lithonia mentioned by OutKast?

What's the case? they're throwing us under it!!! can't even roll out in a Toyota..playing us like an outcast.

Wild Wild West like Tuscon, Dodge City? O-Dog used the Podcast..can we outblast the enemy?

Blessed and highly favored!! but there's no pity from the street committee.

The scent is funk flavored!! rocking it!! rock with me!! as we take Fantastic Voyages like Lakeside.

Some stressed; some misbehaved; document not saved, deleted; but that's how the fake ride.

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