Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heard What Was Said!!!

word to the mutha...

Heard what was said; but not going to let them worry me!!! just because they're stressed out.

I wasn't going to let them hurry me; chilling out, even though gunfire blasted out.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!! it was like Kabul; I stopped dropped and rolled like a fire.

But your homie was street coded!!! a brotha dropped funk, soul, disco, and house; the roof is on fire.

It's from the disco inferno; the mode will get hectic; where's the first responders?

On the ground in Haiti!! or dealing with pirates in Somalia; where did you find me? blasting the Sonic Assault!! that's this brotha's response.

Hazardous material on the train of thought as it derails; while flowing down the stream of consciousness?

What we have is spiritual; stimuli acquired from Fillmore and Hunters Point in the Bay Area to Newburg up in Louisville; check how we come with this.

Now down here in Atlanta; taken for granted..we weren't the ones society anoints; did ecological ignorance alter the fate?

Still trying to make a difference!! somebody lied ; checked the players from the Himalayas; glaciers not melting? but it's on thin ice that they skate.

Al Gore mentioned global warming; it was 60 degrees in Atlanta in January while I type this.

Spanning the globe brainstorming; word from Chuck D and Flavor Flav ; don't believe what the hype is.

The hype machine is running!! voters are supposed to be angry..Hear What Was Said..knowing some will be misled...but we're Going All Out..these brothas will Transcend & Transform..

Staying on step ahead of Blackwater...for some freedom is on backorder.. but that's the norm..


Unknown said...

Think they'll get it? ... OR, keep spinning and hoping they can keep the majority on the track they want ... time will tell, but it seems like the masses are wising up ... don't matter who's in power, we want fair treatment and not empty rhetoric ... btw forget the current political crap around universal healthcare ... if yo think that's goood fo us then you trippi'n

O-ZONE said...

Actually...the first priority should have been to put Americans back to work!!! If you put a few dollars in people's pockets that's gonna make them feel good!!!!