Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Summer Madness Project..

It was Derby Weekend in Louisville when I wrote this; but your homie was stranded in the ATL.

Fast forward to today...Summer Madness project underway..outlooks are not bleak... I'm not mad about it; the galaxies we streak through like the Endeavour; understand that a bruh didn't fail!

Outlooks are not bleak!! plus I wasn't caste under a spell by witches or warlocks when I wrote this!

Drones some will'll get hit up like Ilyas Kashmiri...feel me? what's the deally? these scriptures are sacred; historians will soon quote this! !!

O-Zone gets these sonic pictures painted by O-Dizzle should show were devoted to this like Grateful Deadheads! 

The mixture contradicts the picture; rocking the baldy with the persona of a dread!

Rolling like Dred Scott!! it'll get hot it'll Heat up like Miami.

Lebron and D Wade again; damn!! up in another charade again; why did they lie to me?

I was wise to the set up;  George Benson's Masquerade played in the background!

George Washingtons Grants and Benjamins were offered; but soon laid off  or out there looking for a job..they're mad at me because I didn't back down!

Whats up with them? who download the video but it buffered; now trying to track down the help desk!

Whats up with them? knocked down but couldn't get up like they were hit by Rampage Jackson; cursed from the get go? check the help with this!

Who fell for this?  moved to the A-Town...heard it was the promised land!

Now down here struggling; just like the Hawks were against the Bulls; is Philips Arena in Chicagoland?

Bulls fans takeover!! like the Taliban in Pakistan or Afghanistan....its foul man!! how can you let somebody take over your city?

Its foul man!! who didn't understand..whats the word from the street committee?

You'll get run over like Buster pity shown when dealing with crooks.

Scientific...that's how this prose will were fighting back with beats and hooks.

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