Friday, June 10, 2011

It's A Small World..

Its a small world; called myself trying to get away like Earth Wind and Fire..but keep running into the same people!

..Or jokers that act the same....or trying to act brand new...but there's nothing new under the Sun; like Gaddafi over in Tripoli  I see folk trying to creep through!

Who said their game was good? now authorities peep your steelo;  knowing what it do!

Turn yourself in like Jamie Hood!!  put an end to what your going through!

"Do you know where your going to?   heard Diana Ross singing.

The drama jumped off everywhere!! from the ATL to Islamabad  plus I heard bad singing!

What's up with ya? wannabe soul and R and B singers were Wikileaking... running off at the mouth!

.....Dipped from Detroit and Chicago;  they ran down south!

....Now acting uncouth; aloof  and arrogant like they're all this and that!

Acting like the truth wasn't told about love and war; whose fair with that?

Mafioso types wanted their share of it; extortion  like Castro in was part of their business!

Check the scenario; we didn't abort our mission...Summer Madness is in full effect..we come through with this breakbeat science! recognize what the deal is..

Some are through !! reality will break minds into pieces that can't be picked up by the Average White Band!

Holla at me when you pump brakes!!  they grind; in need of pads from Manny Moe and Jack..heard saying Damn Damn Damn!

...Like Florida from Good Times .....going with the flow looking for Good Times like Chic!

Listening to Flo Rida on I-4 on the way to Orlando; like Charlie Sheen on a winning streak!

But check the scenario; what it do? the outlook is bleak for some!

Observing the scene; we had to go for what we know.... O-Deezy pulled out the drum!

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