Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Battle Cry Is Updated....Lord Help Us All!!

The Battle Cry is updated...Lord Help Us all!! Lord Help Lord Help is the usual Battle Cry!

Not on one accord with these earthlings; rolling like Michele Bachmann ....their doctrine was based on a damn lie!

Damn!! Damn! Damn!! the drama goes into Bachmann Turner Overdrive. some try to get all the way live like Lakeside....I try to give them the benefit of the doubt though..blaming the game not the players!

Rolling!! covering the spectrum from Ike Turner to Nat Turner..whose a fast or slow learner?  a dimwit from the fringe will cause the next negative episode; what's the mode? praying is how we make it..can't fake  can you not say prayers?

Animal instincts kick in; whose rabid? check the shot records..some are not players ..they fronted!

Friends of distinction Going In Circles? but not in the network..not knowing how it works..meanwhile I gathered and hunted!

Wannabe Hollywood or Bollywood types stunted; but they weren't picked for the prime roles!

Wannabe mafioso make it hot in the hood  trying to play it like Red Cafe..dude said call him prime time as he rolls!

The partner in crime rolls with them!!  its not hard to see what the business is!

Not trying to start with ya I told some...fates are altered by ecological ignorance!

.....Affected by Geo-political and socio-economic differences!

.....Reality checks are cashed by some after they find out what the deal is!

...Or find out where the real is; out in the spot where reason gave way to madness!

Maybe they can feel this breakbeat science; dipped out to Pluto and Mars  but we we had to come back with this!

Seeing what the deal is; somebody will kill the mockingbird as it sings!!  they didn't like the song!

Let the healing process begin!! O-Dizzle is rocking it!! the good word is provided by O-Zone as we fight the wrong!

Let the healing process begin! we stay strong; showing endurance.

Lord Help Us ALL  is the updated battle cry; you should know He'll see us through this!

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