Sunday, June 19, 2011

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors; (Part Two) They'll Get Gaffled...

Safe havens and safe harbors were like Tripoli in'll get played like home invasions!

Whose misbehaving?  rolling like George Papandreou asking for a vote of confidence...or maybe some were hacking Sega...a con with this? what's up with this?   hopefully some of us will rise to these occasions!

Unpleasant situations dominate the landscape;  some will plan an escape because morale is low in these areas!

Get your hustle on!! like Iraq reconstruction crooks...some move quickly...others style is slow in these scenarios!

From ghettos to barrios; to Gaza Strip the corporate or church environment!

From the get go? knew safe havens and harbors would get gaffled..who will try to command and conquer? the chain of command is whose facing corporal punishment? ?

Feeling the pain....the corporal started it!!  he was insubordinate to the crime lieutenant!

Feeling the pain....interrupting the food chain? now.GPS was tracking them!! knew the whats the deal with it?

Please....I was chilling,..trying to be at ease...but they had me in a pocket...they had me in a trick bag like Robert Palmer  talked escape routes were planned!

Soon O-Dizzle will rock it!!  I had to hate on a player!! told them it was business not personal; but who will understand it?

The mothership? I had to land it in this forsaken place; ready to take off like the Atlantis..but had to admit it wasn't running up to par!

Now all up in the the hooptie listening to Rose Royce...did love abandon us? .. all up in the home of the dictatorship; a one way street where a hater will raise the bar?

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors are gaffled..whose baffled? can you erase the scar caused by the reign of terror introduced by a psychopath?

O-Dizzle is on the case; misbehaving?  the reign begin with a drizzle..but was O-Zone a psycho with this math?

Breaking the cycle on this path we take; its like this and like that!

No telling how it might go!! these brothas have to fight that!

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