Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Who Played Themselves? PT.2.....They Were Caught Out There...

Who played themselves?....it seems some forgot the basic rules; gangstas move in silence.

Who played with themselves?  like republicans and democrats and a government shutdown...as we put it down...but some will get gaffled when the all love scenario turns into malice.

The drama goes down...from the  Gaddafi presidential palace  to out in these ATL streets!!! it's on and popping!

The drama goes down...from plush residential areas to dirty urban city blocks..who rocks? little home asked me whats popping?

Told him to look around..it goes down from the dirt roads of the Carolina's to suburban Atlanta!

From the Georgia red clay to the bluegrass of Kentucky; whats up with me? intergalactic..just  like The Space Shuttle Discovery; where did the Mothership land a bro?

As a brotha gets scientific; in the ATL is where I kick it!! clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right!

It's like the Stealer's Wheel; Stuck in the middle with you;but your chilling with lab rats and crash test dummies!!! scientists try to get it right! ....

In the lab? O-Dizzle gets it right; with the funky drums; that will be the main ingredient.

Everybody plays the fool but O-Zone is looking for Red Dead Redemption ; progress? a hater tried to impede it!

Grateful Deadheads were weeded or maybe drunk!!! off that brown liquor from Kentucky or Tennessee.

....Volunteers say they have a Pearl like Bruce!!  what's up with the assignment? did anybody choose it? dude said you cant lose with the stuff they use!! is it like Rev Ike? Appalachian meth labs are all I see!

Love roller coaster like Ohio Playersor the tilt o whirl at the carnival in the shopping center?

Rolling with the bragger or boaster from Ohio like John Boehner..said he was a true player now in the detention center!

No old school centers or players in the NBA like Olajuwon!  what were they on? Just pretty boy jump shooters like Tom Izzo mentioned; so whatcha on?

Old or new rules contribute to the confusion; whose sitting pretty in the danger zone?

Old or new school students were too pretty to get their hands dirty...the blue collar style was needed...

Old or new fools try to hold on like in Libya....playing themselves..progress is impeded..

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