Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Battle Cry....Lord Help Lord Help!! It's Used Once Again...

Whats the deal?  ongoing drama in Japan...please!!! Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry!

Borrowed the line from old dude up in Louisville;  in spiritual warfare it gets real!!!  no need to ask why!

Bogus doctrines not followed; Gaddafi says attackers from the West are terrorists;  as we get real with this..what's the deal with this? why would I roll with the clones?

Staying focused; that's whats up!! not trying to shoot myself in the foot..or in the hand like Wyclef Jean.. staying on point in these danger zones!

Staying focused;  not strange for us to adjust bass treble and tones!!  then hit the masses up with the by product!

Staying focused;  like I was Kemba Walker for UConn...they said I was acting different..classes are conducted concerning my conduct!

Others considered conducting themselves in an orderly fashion after they drunk the grape flavored Kool Aid.

It was spiked;  plus chemicals were laced in heating and air conditioning systems now fools believe the charade!

Similar to spinach or milk in I spot a parade of first responders; the haz-mat team and other emergency personnel.

All up in the spot!! our response is the Sonic Assault!!  O-Dizzle dropped funk!! he's working it!!  plus O-Zone had a story to tell.

Not out of these woods this danger zone; I heard the story..they want us to fail!

Not out of these hoods yet;  no bailouts like banks...but I see the whole world is a ghetto!

That's word from that group War!!  in the city, country or city theres no pity.

Whats heard on WCLK? they played Valdez in the Country by Donny Hathaway!

As we bring this math your way; its like this and like that!

Things get ugly...what's up with me? heard saying Lord Have Mercy!! Lord  Help Lord Help!! spiritual warfare going down!!  we have to fight that!

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