Monday, March 28, 2011

Trying Not To Come Undone..

As we start another one; trying not to come undone is the top priority!

In the heart of one; it's like the drama in Libya...Obama had the deal for ya!!  all up in the spot!! a hostile territory.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis like Japan!! what's up man?  the drama will be off the chain!

Fakes and wannabes laughing at us!! trying to flex like Donald Trump..that's what's up man!!  they get off on the pain!

They like to see others suffer while the sit in corporate boardrooms doing the numbers!

Distracting others so they cant see what it do; knowing the masses slumber!

I fell through in the Bugle Boy jeans..stripped polo shirt from Merona; a Target brand..I guess because I'm a target man!

But moving ones are hard to hit; told little homie know soon he'll understand!

Oh yeah!!  he'll understand in due time!! word from OutKast!!  might need to think fast or even pray and and by when the morning comes.

Where will he land in an forsaken land where the fear loathing and mourning will come?

As we exercise power!!!  like a forward or center; like Alonzo Mourning or even Dwight Howard;   The Magic playing the Knicks... Carmelo said it's a must win..meanwhile we put work in!! next thing you know were chilling in Cozumel.

Points were scoring!!  might have to fight a coward as we deliver this message Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five with Melle Mel.

Its not hard to tell  like Nas said!! where's  loyalty? subliminal messages are interpreted; team members talked the other way.

Whats the consensus? not from the 2010 Census..but so called players stalked; but that's not how you play!

It was senseless!! that's not how you pray..they asked for silver and gold!

Making any sense of this? knowledge dropped by this breakbeat scientist.. truth be told.

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