Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I-20 Chronicles...PT.7....The Saga / Struggle Continues...

In Atlanta dipping down I-20...Its back to life...back to reality like the Soul to Soul joint!

No toil and strife in mamby pamby land? however do you want it? it's  time to cash reality checks!! place bets in the crap game; whats the point?

Whats your point homie asked me? he was defiant like Gaddafi!! as I came forth with these I-20 Chronicles!

What's the deal? somebody called the adjustment bureau; I wasn't the one these folks will anoint; based on the response to these and those!

Knowing the devil will oppose as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! trying to stay composed; time about the run out on the meter.

Trying to avoid Park Atlanta; behind old dude in the Olds Delta 88 that's smoking; Gumout is needed sir!

As we run out on fast breaks like Atlanta Hawks; but Mike Bibby is gone to Miami; Philips Arena is the so called Highlight Factory!

Meanwhile the Knicks shake things up adding Carmelo Anthony!

What will the factor be? wannabe good fellas were still over at the Bluff in Vine City!

What will the factor be? what can you tell us? in love or war nothing is fair; who will have pity?

Actors or actresses were chilling at the pity party; Atlanta is the new Hollywood.

Back with this; chilling..low key; but much respect to those like Red Cafe the Hottest in the Hood.

So whats good..whats hood? somebody asked me; I told them to look around!

As we drop this good word plus bear witness to where we took the sound! 

On a mission!! dipping down I-20; like out in the galaxy exploring the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. exploring new ground there's always something!

On a mission !! these brothas kept on running!!

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