Thursday, March 17, 2011

...Dude Said It's All Game....@@@

Its all game; they said something about a no fly zone like in Libya... dude said hmmm;  he took an "old country stroll " to see what it do.

Whats the attitude? Gaddafi said he would don't hate.. said he had solutions; we should act like we knew!

Similar to dude that was fronting in the hood...longitude and latitude were calculated while he was on the cell phone; now authorities roll up on him!

No gratitude was shown after he had sold his soul!! now they said they own him!

Whats really going on? Aristide was headed back to Haiti...the grim outlook was given by the prophetess.

Whats really going on? she said it didn't have to be a  super full moon for it to be a hot mess!

Whats really going on? the minister down at the First  African Baptist Church in Sylvester Georgia said we have to be processed before we received our blessing!

We cant handle the truth!! word from Jack Nicholson; so who you stressing?

Whose confessing..Wikileaking?  problems with Japanese nuclear plants mentioned; now security checkpoints are set up; only the positive  people are allowed in!

Winning or losing..streaking? its hard to tell..everybody is styling and profiling!

Whose dialing or pressing buttons? probably gluttons for punishment!

Now flabbergasted...looks on their face show astonishment!

Earlier they blasted off like the Discovery Space Shuttle said they were running it!! but what's up with it? it's all game..soon spaceships crash and burn!

Whats the deally? status wasn't justified by all that cash they earn.

Good and evil clash!! but some never learn they'll end up being casualties!

Whats good? it's all game..they were corporate like Friday; dressed casually!

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