Monday, February 28, 2011

Who Played Themselves?

Who played themselves? down here in Atlanta...homie was supposed to be a fly guy; but walked through Publix with his zipper down; fly open.

Another cat was supposed to be gangsta like Gaddafi; but no where close..jeans sagging, showing cheap underwear; borderline gay as he goes there!! but didn't have a notion.

Another cat said he was gorilla pimping...barbaric...capers go down..trying to leave town like Mubaraks..but stopped by the system...

Spotted another homie; he was working hard for the money at Publix; Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queenplayed over the store's sound system.

Trying to speak to me but I lost my voice like Charles Barkley does on NBA All Star game weekend!

Whose living for the weekend like the O-Jays  joint from back in the day? winning or losing...streaking..

Whose Wikileaking? now the fashion police are after me..they said I'm back in the way!

As I play some old K-Swiss kicks, a Calvin Klein button down, and some cheap jeans from Citi-Trends; please!!!  they closed AJ Wrights!

Listening to Swizz Beatz and  Ace Hood and them talking about Hustle Hard; that's what's up!! as we  hit you up with the Sonic Assault; as we bombard the enemy position because they ain't right!

Dude was a joke like Ace Ventura;said he ran the hood;  had AK with the scope trying to get his aim right!! said call him the silent assassin!

Coping strategies are enhanced; we're dropping this good word and the podcast is blasting! 

This straight dope will bring advancement you heard? its good...lasting until the last drop!

Some still hate hoping that we fail; hope we dance with the devil at the disco inferno all night long like Lionel Ritchie until we drop!

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