Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Was Rude..Didn't Accept The Status Quo

...Dude fell on the sword for the emperor..he was like Fox5..dedicated determined and dependable.

I was rude!! fronted on crooks like Obama did the Supreme Court!! ..fell through with the sword of truth!! message sender!! you can depend on a bro.!!

The attitude? who will defend a bro? whatcha know? it's like the Senate vs House Democrats!!! no loyalty shown..nobody was checking for me.

The attitude? whose got my back? connecting the dots for me.

Gratitude shown!! God is blessing me!! that's the business he handles.

Latitude and longitude shown on GPS; structures were hit up by vandals.

Not that dude!!! haters still try to stress me though..close to the edge like Michael Baisden Show talked about..they're trying to press buttons. or fast forward..what's up with punishment gluttons?

Meanwhile we're down for the cause!!! please..we're playing this brand new funk..moving forward never backwards.

The clause in the contract was crunk!! banks now proving how that works.

Why? because!! so I'm just grooving!! fast breaking!! finish with a dunk..doing what we do.

Sword of truth carried!!! as we break north!! doing what we do!!

Survival techniques we go forth!!! thinking outside the box.

As we freak this!! northside, southside, east and west..going all out we rock.

From the burbs to the blocks!! seeing how bleak the landscape is!! the sight is gruesome!! morale is low.

In the lab we tweek a breakbeat tape..knew something!! our style is not slow.

As we grab onto Gods unchanging hand!! progressive liberation provided.

All up in the spot!!! where good and evil collided.

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