Saturday, March 13, 2010

...Heard The Cliche...They Say It Is What It Is!!

They said it is what it is!!! don't try to see anything else in it.

Asking..what's the prognosis? knowing the devil will oppose this..some had lethal doses? out of it!!! others left dimwitted.

As I approach this!! crooks collaborate..having my doubts about it!! but told it is what it is...told to play on player!!!

Coaching this like Tubby Smith!!...after the veteran status..seeing how bad it is I had to say a prayer.

Some encroaching on this!! like Israeli and Palestinian settlements penalties were called!! you'll get played in Babylon.

Keep it pimping player?? or a pseudo revolutionary?? what am I on?

Natural process? evolutionary? intelligent design? once again it's on!

All of the above? circled on the multiple choice test!! word from O-Zone!!

They said it's all love!! but it's dirty work that they do!! in other spots a clone brings cruel and unusual punishment.

Please!! others loved the pain and misery!! ..starting a company? just a glutton for punishment.

Please!! it all falls apart like Lehman Brothers..while a brotha reflects on pain in his history!! not trying to repeat or rewind.

Meek inherit or gain the earth? it's like Delfonics it'll blow their mind this time!!

The Geek Squad cant fix it!! losing their mind!! couldn't figure the cipher out.

The leak in the squadron has authorities on to them!! drama breaks out in some might go all out!!

Freaks not just out at night like Whodini said!! they're snitching day and night!

Word from Kid Cudi..but whats up with me? it is what it is!! peep the insight.

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