Thursday, March 04, 2010

Still Puttting Work In.....

Mechanical what's really working? as we work is put the House passing the jobs bill...trying to put a dent in it.

No loathing and we're not stuck in the ice in the Baltic Sea..staying flexible..not bent out of shape by it.

Approaching a clearing in the Babylon the International Space Station flying over Atlanta at 6:53...we're sliding through the portal. level after the veteran status..knowing how the sport will go.

Knowing how justice will Supreme and Superior's ugly.

Plus peeping the mainstream...we're observing the scene...caricatures of the head of state and others? plus backstabbers court..politic..even told me they love me.

Moves are made out in the mainstream of New York representatives the Governor has his problems...whose clocking?

O-Zone is flowing down the stream of Rangel done with this?....whose knocking?

...the hustle in this zone..where blessings and curses reside.

What's up with ya? in this zone haters are stressing us!!! contribute to the confusion..out here where good and evil coincide.

Whose on our side? had to confide in myself..writing letters..who shows loyalty?

Lord help!!! is also the battle I ride back in history ....going on with our bad selves!! were royalty!!

Work is put in to claim the thrown...but like that cruise ship from Spain..knowing the voyage will be rough.

Like floating on the Atlantic during tropical storms..the waters are rough.

The job? so tough!! like Roger and Zapp..from back in the day.

Mechanical Engineering; work is put in..others were loathing and fearing...back in the way.

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