Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Blah!!! Edition..

Health reform bill passed..but in other jusrisdictions the judge ruled against the pain and suffering..we were told to chalk it up. experience...judgements made after crime scenes are surrounded by yellow tape and white chalked up.

Strands of information were coming in too fast..what it do? was it Information Overload? white chocolate's in the box of life diagnosed by Forrest Gump?

White Chocolate plays for the Orlando Magic with Dwight Howard..but others still cant jump!

O-Dog is still rocking it!! the sound will bump..but they say O-Zone can't jump to the conclusion?

I was like a deacon in the amen corner!!!..when the Temptations say earth is a "ball of confusion."

.....As I cut the corner..winning and losing....not acting stupid like Stupak....showing a sense of urgency.

.....As I cut the corner..stayed off the coast of Yemen..what's the deal man? the situation is critical!! authorities try to make sense of the emergency.

.....As I cut the corner..wasn't big pimping like Tiger or were we living? who'll work with me?

The out of order sign was spotted!! enployers said there's no work for me!

Out past the border..the boundary..outside the margin..outside the box.

The outcast said he was bipolar!! so what was you starting? he said he rocks!!!

A polar opposite? but like OutKast I was on the 86 Lithonia bus... trying not to get thrown under it.

Matching composites on the regular!! but rolling solo..nobody will I go under with.

....Like Australia...coping strategies fail ya..secular or holy? how were you living?

Blasted by the opposition!! we respond with steady bombardments ...this is what were giving!!

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