Monday, March 15, 2010

....I Heard What Was Said!! PT.1

will the truth be told?

Heard what was said!! was the truth told? too much information supplied?

Some were misled!!! spotted bloodshed when authority was defied.

Some were misled!! they complied with authority..Kool Aid was drunk.

Shady ones shred documents..incriminating evidence? after the treasury shrunk?

Grady babies get crunk down here in Atlanta!! once again its on.

Shady ladies shrunk players egos!! answering the Isley Brothers question...

....Whose that lady? the song plays on KISS 104..Youngblood hooked it up on Saturday morning.

Next up? was "close the door" by Teddy power moves are made like Alonzo Mourning.

What's the score? some go for more!! but the grass on the other side of the fence was astro turf!! now it's storming. girl walking with the competition!! Oran "Juice" Jones gave a warning.

Listening to Rain Forest by Paul warming brings interference?

Babylon forest wilderness business!! hard out here for a player!! ecological ignorance?

For us or against us? damage control like a runaway Toyota Prius!! ...the deal plays out in front of us!!! recognize.

Pain and anguish is felt!! haters front on us...but it's no surprise.

Bad cards are dealt!!!! lies are heard!! too much information supplied?

Some were misled...spotted bloodshed when authority was defied.

Family members cried!! casualties of war!! considered collateral damage.

But we roll up with the Sword of Truth..we proceed and continue were doing damage.


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