Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chilling Out!! Peace Be Still PT.3

Peace be still!!! so how do you feel? still waters run deep!! word from the Four Tops..I'm down at the bottom!!

Underwater like mortgages we creep!! while another stops!! some things they can't fathom.

Underwater!! it's like the Parliament..Funkadelic....never learning to swim like Sir Nose!! whose mad at them? you know some hated.

Some will come hotter!! others come up short!! so they overcompensated.

Injuries were self inflicted!! no compensation from the insurance company.

Insecurities made them kick it!! the game..raising rates!! who hates? everybody's hands are dirty.

Security heightens!! life is getting messy!! actually it's been this way.

The arm chair quarterback huddles up with the team!! ready to run this play!

The shadetree mechanic huddles up with the daughter of chaos ..Oh No!!

Mathematics were studied out in the mainstream..out in the stream of consciousness we flow..

Schooled by a fanatic? we're in trouble man!! like Marvin Gayes album.

In a world of trouble!! word from Lou Rawls!!..down in the hood..some saw me rolling with the I must be a foul one!!

It all falls down!! double for the trouble? what's good I was asked? I told them about the sack full.

Off in a zone!! soaking up game from the Cincinnatti Kool Jazz Festivals to Kentucky tractor pulls.

...Atlanta Fulton County Stadiums..Riverfront Coliseums to Freedom Hall in Louisville.

Acting funny? because I wasn't fooling with those that front? chilling in peaceful waters that are still.

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