Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What's The Deal?

writing letters to myself..

What's the deal? saw the writing on the scrolls like Farrakan; so what's up? other folk we're checking the rolls..meanwhile I'm still writing these letters to myself..like that song by the Chi-Lites.

Strawberry letters like The Brothers Johnson?..what are we on? rejected like the suit O.J Simpson had on? what's the response to these insights?

Strawberry fields forever? word from the Beatles!!..who'll alt-shift-delete us?...smoke and mirrors we see through..as O-Zone gets loose.

A hater builds!! said whatever!! said they were bullet proof!! but Bunning soon yields..even though they said they had the Beetlejuice.

A hater yields!! seeing what the street will do!! caught up in an unpleasant situation.

Shady deals were conducted!!! please!! it's not just product sold in Decatur!! on Glenwood Road at the Old English Inn.

Shady Like Grady!!! the whole game is!! pain and anguish is the by product.

Tried to play me during the manufacturing process!! what's up with this? what's the deal? barred from the premises like the Hurt Locker producer..it's not natural..watch the conduct!!

Bodies, hearts, spirits; in Babylon fracturing!!!...the healing process might take a minute.

In these sports? were factoring all variables..whose fair with this? in it to win it!!

A brotha aborts this mission!! Oh No! Not finished with it!! some thought I was.

What the impression made? Naomi Campbell slapped her driver? it's a negative one!! but I ignore them..I'm down for the cause.

Kept it moving...didn't pause!! kept writing these letters and drumming up beats.

Kept it moving..intergalactic...Cosmic Slop..Cosmic Fog?..from Pluto to Atlanta..whose humming and bumming on the street?

Kept it moving..it heats up like Al Gore said it would!! due to global warming?

Whats the deal? writing letters to myself and global residents..to issue a warning.

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