Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heard What Said PT.2

Heard what was said!! all black people leave Wal-Mart in New Jersey? one of their workers fired for smoking medical reefer? sounded like a lot of belligerence.

My folks have been misled up in the spot...attack the wrong ships like Somali pirates..ecological ignorance?

The environment was polluted!! contaminated !! fate altered?

Empowerment? truth disputed?..the spot? we sonic assaulted it.

...When the last hour gets here?..time cards computed?..when I carry the sword of truth to the heart of it.!!!

Spiritual warfare goes down!! crimes!! treasury looted!! who started it?

O-Dog throws down!! grime's in the soundtrack...the sound is dirty.

Just like life is!!! it gets messy!! who will work with me?

Dude said it is what it is...toil and strife is the business here!! ..on terra firma!! actually universal.

Toil and strife is prayed on!! the outcome? where did the curse go?

The curse was generational..some my folk preyed on by demonic forces.

This operation is spiritual!! played the sound!! conducting seminars and courses.

Rocking the nation!! actually changed courses..rocking the universe ...doing it.

Left the international space last trip like the Shuttle Enterprise..moving it.

Whose irrational? they spotted me!! started moving it!! like I didn't see them.

What will my stash do? blow up the spot like a roadside bomb!! but just trying to free them.

Seeing them..wouldn't want to be them!! said they're free but not.

Progressive Liberation is the mission..when were all up in the spot.

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