Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Thing Is Serious!!

What it do?I saw big white vans roll up!! Reggie Bush caught...was it Joey from Cheaters?

Or is it vans operated by those on clandestine missions!! overchievers.

Rolling up in my Vans; South Pole Jeans; and the button down shirt..noticed how deceivers scheme.

Drama is like South Korea's or..even Israeli & Palestine's!!! meanwhile the North Pole is melting upstream!!

Out in the stream of consciousness!! a brotha stayed self contained.

Out in the mainstream of mathematics..electricity caused static..the acid rained.

Causing mutations!! equations full of permutations!! brains stained.

Causing negative and positive emotions to be experienced!!some stressed!! some maintained.

Causing ill notions to be expressed; some chilled in the Valleys of Neptune; snitches confesssed..Are You Experienced like Jimi Hendrix? what's gained? who has pity?

Please!! pump those brakes like Bendix!! now I know we weren't expecting it from the street committee!!

Word on the curb!! from New York City to Atlanta from Oakland to Miami.

Getting played like Herb or Gus!! thrown under the bus!! why do they lie to me?

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! mentioned by my earlier.

I felt the pressure!! so I apply it back!! when I work with ya.

Back at the intersection where it started!! broke left instead of right?

Imperfections enhanced!! during the uphill struggle!! I brought insight.

Vision blurred!! smoke enhanced by mirrors!! Day and Night like Kid Cudi?

What occurred? some joked !!but it's serious!! that'S whatsup with me!!

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