Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stepping Out...Taking It There

Stepping Out on faith!!! the Lord has us covered!! it's going down.

Some hate!! just naysayers....said it is what it is!! shouldn't have bothered!! we'll get played like a clown.

Some delayed us when we tried to play for the championship crown but now it's on!!

Old girl prayed for us!! these Mothership riders are refusing to be clones.

Funk was played for us!! Parliament, Earth Wind and Fire, plus James Brown!! we remixed it..bass, treble, and tone are adjusted.

Some played us!! drama went's crazy in Atlanta..NYC..all points in's like Kandahar...lessons were learned..knowledge gained..some can't be trusted.

The structure is rusted!! weather beaten!! taking punches like it was hit by Manny all falls apart!!

What's up with ya they ask? listening to Weather Report..a Mysterious Traveler..the path is beaten so don't start.

Beating a path through the Babylon Wilderness!! please!! rolling through swinging a the heart of it.

Bringing this ecological ignorance!!! not playing a part in it.

Not bargaining for it!! no negotiations done for my freedom.

All about progressive liberation..some said they're straight!! but I see them.

......And I wouldn't want to be them!! Babylon has them going in circles.

Trying to chase a's like chasing the wind!! word from the bibles.

Make you wanna holla like Marvin Gaye!! liabilities calculated.

Stepping out on faith!! more than a conqueror!! knowing that the foul still hated.

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