Tuesday, March 23, 2010

.......Soaking PT.2..

Soaking it all in..bills get signatures..so how will it play out by the end of the day?

How did Biden say it? what kind of big deal? meanwhile a cloak of invisibility is how I play it..Invisible Man..Ralph Ellison!! low key until ready to run the play.

It'll be the Sonic Assault..Broken beats and english used!! invincibility exhibited!! playing this like a veteran.

Broke the cycle!!getting over the pain and anguish!! but the struggle continues..it's like a Transformer versus a Decepticon.

I broke north towards the light!! trying to get it right..where I go Transcend and Transform..its on.

So on and so forth!! scoobie doobie doobie!! everyday people..word from Sly and The Family Stone.

As I go forth...Taking It To The Streets like Doobie Brothers..not a crash test dummy!! a Dr Frankenstein by product or Addams Family clone.

As I go forth...studio is in a remote location...low key in this vocation..studios not shot up or full of those bricks like the ones in Atlanta..please!! are sounds are funky!! check the conduct!! it's that funk that I'm on.

As I go forth..adjusting base, treble, and tone...pressing buttons and turning dials.

Soaking in Aries sun rays..sometimes alone..not stressing those who are foul.

Plus I'm not joking with these and those!!! knowing the devil will oppose..any peace in the Middle East? one plays you like it's Comedy Central.

Tokens of appreciation were found to be knockoffs!! counterfiet!! like sold at the Candler Road Flea Market in Decatur..so what have you been through?

Knocked off pedestals!! whose taking depreciation as a deduction?facing a carbon tax? corporations get slick with it.

Health care reform bill passes!! caused Biden to drop the F-Bomb!! knowing insurance and medical companies hope you get sick with it.

Caught out in a storm!! no shelter from the helter skelter!!! who felt ya?

Caught out in the storm...but it's the norm..I even felt the pressure.

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