Sunday, March 21, 2010

...A Little Something Something!!

injured...but let's let the healing process begin!!

Let the healing process begin!! but some will hit the pause or delay button.

Dealing with the madness!! but we're back at this!! once again!! playing it like Drake..I had to say something!!!

Whose up to something? Shady Like Grady..some doing the cartel's dirty work.

Whose got the funky drummer drumming? O-Dog will play the funk ...putting in work.

Whose working with a brotha? haters get crunk!! we're meeting heavy opposition!!

A brothas listening to 91.9 WCLK in Atlanta..Heavy Weather by Weather Report was bumping!!!

Al Roker was on to something!! the Northeast received heavy weather !! game was peeped in the weather report.

Al Gore was played like a joker!! Bush stole his election!!! bruh Gore came up short.

Now all up in the sport with the global warming theory..concerning climate change.

Indeed..the climate has changed..documents were forged!! who played with the figures? even on Wall Street things were strange.

Peeped game..please!! it's easy to get played!! there's no information overload...followed the street code...the money trail...spotted gamblers out for a fast buck.. but it's not strange..

That's the way they do they play with the money meanwhile Proclamations are we emerge from solitary confinement..liberation is the mission..about this or that!! it shouldn't be strange.

Rocking the nation..actually the universe..from the the danger zone.

Our obligation? reversing the curse..but some like the status quo...what are they on?

Punishment glutton..but I'm letting go!! as I practice what I preach..the healing process takes place.

Rebuking the hostile takeover from those pushing buttons and turning dials..a lot of fakes in my face.

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