Monday, March 29, 2010

List Of Demands??

Received the list of demands..I tore them up and put them in file thirteen.

Had my own list of demands..word from Saul Williams...rolling through the badlands..on trains in Russia bombs blast..scores some are racking up like Las Vegas and Georgetown and them.

......from back in the day!!! these days? jokers don't know how to play!! now some have slacked up, coming up short.

Whose back in the way? holding up progress!! getting jacked up!!! missions they'll abort.

Whose back up in Superior Court? dealing with homie with the black robe and the prosecutors.

Inferiority or superiority complex in the sport? meanwhile we bring the disco inferno...strobe lights are hooked to computers.

Territorial disputes or turf wars cause the towering inferno!! but not the disco one.

Imperialistic...materialistic disputes about the truth!! yes? no? which one?

Haters fear this mystic!! the sword of truth is carried in the midst of so many falsehoods.

Some of those were deliberate!! the deal with it?? some are acting false in the hood.

Dude said it's all good!! but I could see mediocrity was rewarded.

Dude said it's all hood!! but what's really hood? drama was brought to our doorstep..I avoided it.

I dipped back to the community..what's really going on? what it do?

From Newburg to Johannesburg..from Pluto to the A-Town..I go for what I know.

From the hood to the suburbs!! under church steeples to dealing with street people.

To so called corriders of power..government..corporations..religion...evil I see through.

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