Sunday, March 28, 2010

Play On Player!!! The New Type Gangsters!!

you don't wanna get mixed!!

Player players stretched themselves too thin? energy was extracted.

Just like precious minerals from the earth..what's it all worth? entities reacted.

Play on player!! whatz up whatz up? word from Playa Poncho!! Corporations backed it!! now for resources everybody's scrambling!!

Abort operations I was told by so called authorities!! told me ship will sink like South Korea's!! different courses of action taken..everybody's scrambling!!

Everybody's gambling!! Powerball...The Big Game..It's like Las Vegas or Atlantic City!! ..but no pity from the street committee.

Haters fake us; part of the conspiracy? asking myself..whose with me?

What's the deal? where did they take us? cons run the territory..also know as politicians, businessman, newscasters and even the clergy!!

Coming to tell the story! something missing? nobody will work with me!

My appearance and disappearance is not a mystery..who heard of me?

Wasn't given clearance!! some act like a bruh is unworthy.

Based on my appearance....straight off the clearance rack...South Pole jeans...dirty Chukka boots and an obscure Polo.

They say my case is probably fraudulent!! who was I running with? plus it's based on clocking my steelo.

Nothing is sacred!! what's up with it? some aren't rocking!! they're just faking it!!

The fiery lake was full of perpetrators!! knocking my hustle!! but I'm not taking it.

My priority? taking care of business!! thin ice skaters fall through the ice!!

My priority? eradicate ecological ignorance..fates altered by this.

What's up with this and that? hopes and dreams achieved? Rendezvous With Destiny?

What's up with this and that? it's full scope!! who deceived? whose part of the conspiracy?????

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