Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Checked The Clock........

Checked the clock!! the shot clock expired!! but for some? like Tiger Woods coming's time to run the next play.

Meanwhile O-Dog rocked!! but was played like a Toyota Prius or even Roy Ayers "doobie doo run running away."

As I heard the Doobie Brothers play; "Taking It To The Streets" but hustles get knocked!! Zebra that caused the traffic jam in Atlanta euthanized..meanwhile I'm through playing games with these folks!! its over.!!

Muscle is needed to unlock doors and windows of opportunity before it's all over.

Progress was impeded; it's like that in Babylon!! a brotha has no ecological ignorance.

Checked the clock; studied the genome..checked the enviroment..playing it like FedEx..I proceeded to another zone with the message deliverance.

Checked the clock; admitted, conceded, that it's a hot mess!! plus belligerence was heard.

Respect O-Dog as he rocked!! blessed some with the funk!! while O-Zone has the Good Word.

Disrespected!! a clone was heard trying to lay down the law to us.

Checked them out; an agent for Babylon said we we're all lawless.

Y'all are ruthless!! I know dats right!! word from homie down here in Georgia!!

The sword of truth is carried!! I broke right!! heading for the border.

Providing proof that healing is the order of the day!! the game is over.

But not chilling!! it seems O-Zone is under attack in the Green Zone.. everything is out of order!! rebuked the hostile takeover.

Checked the clock; the break is over!! hot style revealed when we ran a play.

O-Dog rocked!! the hot messenger has the file!! moving forward to a new day.

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