Monday, March 08, 2010

Damn Damn Damn PT.5

Damn Damn Damn!! like Florida from Good Times!!! that was the outcry!!!..this world is full confusion.

Damn who told the out right lie? drama infurls!! whose winning? whose losing?

O-Zone will use this good word to get beats will get drummed up.

Visualizing the sequence!! peeped this!! consequences will get summed up.

Victims of consequences bear witness!! carry the sword of truth? they should be able to tell you.

Not attacking with machetes like in Nigeria..Oh yeah!! it's mass hysteria!! who'll tell you what it do?? act like you knew!! unless your special.

Documents were supposed to be confidential!!but leaked onto the press..the internet...planned like Massa's removal? now the Feds rush in.

Rocking it!!! cards laminated..but lacking proper credentials is crushing them.

Locking it down!! like Lil Wayne!! played like a clown..even had the tears like Smoky Robinsom talked about ..others were acting funny like Comedy Central.

Knocking it down!! the hustle!! so whatcha know? what have you been through?

Rocking the sound!! messages we send you..some might be able to catch them.

Rocking the sound..heard the outcry!! Damn Damn Damn!! also Lord Help! Lord Help! also the Battle Cry!!! so we come with something fresh..we batch them.

Trying to catch them!! my people!! but it seems they're not checking for me.

Had to admit..I'm out there!! on the Mothership!! bear witness to how funky it gets..haters try to front on me; like Obama trying to shut the shuttle program down. Damn Damn Damn!!.but I getaway..whose wrecking it for me?

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