Friday, March 05, 2010

Still Putting Work In...PT.2

going through the motions

Going through the motions..still putting work in..knowing a breakthrough is soon coming.

It's just around the corner!!! where did we take you? the funky drummer is drummimg.

Authorities are trumping up charges...some ask for trouble..blasting on the Pentagon...authorities are trying to clear the books.

Closing cases was their priority..what will the deal be? .might even be military trials...collateral damage done...along with locking up the crooks.

But we're closing in on Progressive Liberation..bars & hooks are the vehicles.

Plus cuts and samples; using a fresh vision..things we see through.

"Nobody can be you but you" word from Steve I do what I do.

Prime examples are in front of me...on how not to I act like I knew.

During these times? team members hold up progress....what's up with this?..stupid like a hater tramples on rights and priviledges.

Dangerous times or Good Times like Chic? which ones are we living in?

Wise to the set up..some act like Gov. Paterson..trying to clear their name..others are giving in..going along with the program.

Rise to the occasion!! get up as O-Dog drops's not a slow jam.

Mesmerized by the situation? it was a set up!! some didn't step up!! now things have gotten ugly.

Confusion and frustration is the norm...but can't let up!! I didn't go along with the doctrine heard.

Going through the Jay-Z & Beyonce..still putting work finding time for these promotions...breakbeats and the good word.

I had notions..what's good? is heard..that's a question that'll answer itself.

I had potions and elixirs of the sonic variety..told to go on with my bad self!!!

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