Saturday, March 06, 2010

Flowing...Like On A Cruiseship..

Holding a sword of truth in my hands..flowing down the stream of a Carribean cruiseship.

Not stuck in the ice off of I go forth..heard Billy Ocean singing Carribean Queen..reality vs fantasy? dreams a brotha about to lose it?

....what it do? in a world that's corrupt..will I choose it? the assignment..easy to lose it!! made into a scapegoat.

Whose gonna take the weight? accept the blame in the game? please!! we fight back..our weapons are the beat and the quote.

...AKA the Sword Of Truth..meanwhile crooked ones will tweek the vote...manipulating Diebold machines.

Books, Bibles, and people were studied..while I was observing these scenes.

Whose left bruised..bloodied? in the red Georgia clay..Timberlands I'm ready to roll...I'm on my way..rolling up on the spot in a hooptie.

AKA the Mothership..showing how funky a brotha can get..with the Intergalactic funk.

What's up with it? rolling up with the Sword of Truth..trying to move through these galaxies..messed up with space junk.

What's up with it? whose corrupt with it? everybody has their opinion about conspiracy theories like Ahmadinejad..Fanatics were in my face..shady deals led to karmic repercussions.

Mathematics slapped them in the face!!! swinging the's a rude awakening!!...funk is these discussions.

Those not knowing suffer concussions!! or their stuck in traffic like on I-285 in Atlanta or the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicagoland.

As I catch passes like Ocho Cinco..also throw them like Matt Ryan.. an Atlanta Falcon.

Things get foul man!!! our response? fresh batches introduced in classes and seminars!!...meanwhile haters were raising bars..but we snatch them down.

Obama tries to set it straight...but all he faces is other Democrats stumble...falling down..

Meanwhile we roll up with the sword of's all about Progressive Liberation..

Sonic Assaults are similar to Atlanta smash and grabbing that's going down.

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