Friday, February 25, 2022

The Derailment (Part Four)

 Damn! it’s off the chain / it’s off the hook / it’s off the rails from here in Atlanta to over in Ukraine!

Bearing witness to the derailment, the test? these earthlings are failing it, now many are in pain. 

Feeling this due to the derailment of my own train of thought, it's rough out here! per the public transportation / transformation I had to get myself together!

Plus O-Zone had to run and tell it per the old school Flashback Friday terminology; the rain / reign began with a drizzle check the inclement weather!

But it’s on! Fabulous Friday business is being handled due to it being a blessing to be here, but it "ain't nothing nice" ; O-Dizzle the minister of defense will weaponize the sound to accompany this good word being dropped! 

Keeping our spirits up, celebrating life even in the midst of the toil and strife!! digital crate digging continues, these dudes played it like the Funkadelic, they cosmic slopped!!

The madness? it hasn’t stopped! peace promised after the storm? hopefully calmed by the last drop of reign / rain? Train of thought derailing while repelling the negative invasion? my mind a gymnasium. Jokers kept playing, waiting in the dark? the light wrestled the dark in the shadows of regret. Jokers kept praying after thresholds were reached and the conditions were abhorrent.

Byproducts of the derailment, leading to the impairment but we’re getting over it!

My conduct / my assignment? not failing it, breakbeat scientific methods are used to get over with!

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