Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Tables Turned (Part Nine)

 My people thought everything was all good / all gravy baby!! but then the tables turned!

Damn! there’s always something, plus these operatives are acting Shady Like Grady!! oh! I heard the fable but was anything learned?

Was anything burned besides that dry kush or maybe that loud? in some of these states the crowds burned books!

...or official documents were torn up by Trump types; where’s the duct tape? it’s always something with these crooks!

Meanwhile hook lines and his own beats were presented by O-Dog aka O-Dizzle when he introduced the street funk. 

Throwback Thursday business was handled in conjunction with Thankful Thursday business; it’s a blessing to be here so we’re celebrating, like an ATLien we’re getting crunk. 

In the low post finishing with the dunk but some are feeling low,  underwater like the seas deepest blues.

The tables turned, morale is low check the flow! it’s like an old dude from Mississippi with the blues!
The tables turned, not singing a simple song like Sly and The Family Stone per the Throwback Thursday reference; some sang a song without a melody, fueled by Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey secrets? The tables turned, staying strong per supreme courage and maximum strength! I hit the ground running; reclaimed my treasured time so like Michael Jackson I’ll beat it.

The tables turned, refused to be defeated but I’m being realistic per dealing with setbacks and obstacles!

Similar to suburban traffic calming devices, breakbeat scientific work is put in when left to our own devices; naysayers aren’t stopping these and those!

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