Tuesday, February 01, 2022

The Tables Turned (Part Five)

 Chaos and confusion reigned in the club; jokers exhibited some Three 6 Mafia energy, something about Tear Da Club Up, now tables were turned over and drinks spilled. 

The loss or impression of losing dumbfounded players, notions for defending their honor were instilled!

But on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? like the investigation of the Trump Insurrection by the January 6th Committee the tables turned in more ways than one  / on so many different levels.  

The fables learned were determined to be null and void, wrongly validated by so many different devils…

…and their advocates; we’re determined, back with it like Pete Rock and CL Smooth we’ll Straighten It Out!

As the calendar flips into February  with an Aquarius New Moon plus this Lunar New Year we proceed and continue with no fear even though it’s getting late, we’re still staying out!

Oh yeah! the tables turned but we’re still out here fighting, others slept; soon they peeped out from under the covers.

They were waiting in the dark but now the dream is over! slow it down they told their pulse! They were waiting in the dark, but the dream? it’s no sanctuary, it was home for collapsing moments of chaos. Only shadows live there along with broken spirits bearing witness to the loss.

Others tried to front / flex / floss but O-Zone mentioned the structure is falling apart, even duct tape can’t patch it up!

The tables turned, paying the cost to be boss in this zone? we’ll all have to catch up!

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