Monday, February 21, 2022

The Derailment (Part Two)

 We’re out here working it all out / trying to figure it all out on this Monday morning but the train of thought derailed!

Rolling like Amtrak or Norfolk Southern? the flame? they’re smothering but we prevailed! 

Pulling up, we’re back cousin! the mothership sailed through treacherous waters out there with sharks and piranhas!

Fueled by the train of thought, a Brotha gets breakbeat scientific with this Sonic Assault; no where to run or hide as we respond to the ongoing dramas!

Where will you spot these brothas? intergalactic, all out by Ganymede / out by the stars; is that a bouquet of neon daisies?

Similar to the Atlanta skyline at night, but I’m out by Jupiter alright? the star storm moonlight is like Luther it so amazes me! I-20 in Atlanta is the runway / gateway to the universe? Oh yes!! the train of thought fueled mothership gets good mileage! some say erratic... ...especially after the train of thought derailed then we’re caught out there; damn! that’s what we get for being intergalactic!

Now a fanatic is like a Tucker Carlson cable news pundit calling out AOC, knocking the hustle!

Now a fanatic is like Putin and Russia; places like Ukraine they’ll try to strong arm muscle!

Doing the mathematics after feeling the pressure; trying to maintain after the train of thought derailed!

Sunday morning knowledge is acknowledged; God is in the blessing business so we prevailed!

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