Saturday, December 25, 2021

The Workshop (Part Eight)

 Excuse us but the workshop is open, we’re putting work in even on this Christmas Day. 

Happy holidays to you and yours!!  if you don’t celebrate it? love is still shown that’s how we play!!

The good word is dropped and the music plays, but there’s a crack in the wall plus the roof is on fire but don’t worry. It’s caused by Flashback Friday sounds, we came through with the boom / disco inferno working with sounds that are funky! It carried over to this Saturday morning, digital crate digging continues we’re rocking! funk in the stocking? oh that’ll be the present! Merry Christmas! Not “buking and scorning” with the lump of coal that’s not how we roll / not what the deal is!

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances? the workshop is up and running part of our construction site.

Built different coming through with breakbeat scientific methods after peeping game like the James Webb Space Telescope, then flipping the script providing hope with this insight.

Plus this workshop will stay in flight like the International Space Station even with tense Russian relations; we're checking out all occasions, all fronts are covered.

Local, national, international and intergalactic check us out as we drop these mathematics as naysayers tried to front on us.

Mentioned earlier answers were right in front of us all had to do was look up.

Now those are methods used in the workshop we didn’t quit / stop we can’t let up!

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