Monday, December 13, 2021

The Big Picture / Grand Scheme Of Things (Part Ten)

 We’re out here peeping game like the Hubble Telescope ; excuse us but we're  way way out there!

Others thought we were sleeping in the game but we were looking at the big picture, what’s out there? like the Trump Insurrection aided by Mark Meadows we see they're not trying to play fair!!

Seeing that it’s all game when checking the grand scheme of things as these charlatans plot and scheme up on things!

Creeping up in the game per these Monday morning shenanigans, similar to O-Dizzle's  HumpDay Extravaganzas? maybe, but  either way we’re doing the damn things!

Others are doing the damn things also, check out how the oil rig leaks in the Gulf plus there’s desolation in Mayfield. The final frontier? Curtis Mayfield tried to tell us about things per Future Shock but check the hustle knock as those players are trying to take it there! gamblers our still out for a fast buck / still playing the field. Knowledge was dropped previously but these jokers are still trying to take it there! bets against climate change? soon we’re facing retribution. Yet some find it all strange, that is until they’re facing dissolution.

In the big picture? like Chris Wallace acknowledging per Fox News this or that institution will contribute to the chaos and confusion; check out the grand scheme of things!

In the big picture? it’s going down from I-10 in Houston to I-80 in Oakland, back down here off of I-20 in Atlanta, I told you earlier we’re doing the damn things!

Battling these earthlings opposing us like the upcoming Gemini Full Moon opposing the Sagittarius Sun.

We know how they work things per looking at the big picture / grand scheme of things, so once again it’s on!

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